"There’s no greater feeling than to know that something you’ve created can bring someone joy."

- Mary-Ann

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I have long been a maker of things, in my family it was just the norm. Dad was always building something from wood and Mom sewed and knit a lot of our clothing when we were young. There was also Granny and Nanny who were great makers as well. So, as you can imagine, the making of things seems to run in my blood. It is the best part of my day when I have the opportunity to retreat to my own space and create things.


Mary-Ann LeClair

Mary-Ann is a northerner, born and raised in Sudbury, Ontario. She has loved art ever since she was very young. All kinds of art. Paint, paper, pen and ink, markers, pencil crayons, all types of tools on all types of surfaces.
Not only does Mary-Ann love to create art, but she also loves to share the experience with others. In 2014 she added Connect & Create Mobile Painting Parties to her business. She began with canvas paintings and then added wood signs, painted paddles, pillows and other items to her offerings.

My passion for art

Mary-Ann’s loves that she can spread joy by helping others create a beautiful piece of art they never even imagined they could produce. She also loves creating designs that she has printed on various products everyone gets to enjoy in her Monthly Subscription Box called “Favorite Things”.
“So, think of art as an adventure into the great unknown. There are many paths to choose from, and you just never know where they may lead. Try a few different paths and savour all that each will have to offer. After all, “You never know what you can do unless you try.” - Unknown


Painting Parties

From $40 per person

Wood Sign Workshops

From $30 per person

Wood Porch Signs

From $50 per person

Paint a Paddle Workshop

Large $70 / Small $35

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Paint a Pillow Workshop

$50 per person

Specialty/ Seasonal Workshops

From $20 per person

Take and Make Kits

From $15

Custom Work

Price varies


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Located in Sudbury

Although I am located in the south end of Sudbury, our parties and workshops are mobile and available in any of the Greater Sudbury communities.