My Inspiration for the Favorite Things Subscription Box - A Special Tribute

Do you have a special someone who is your very best cheerleader no matter what?  My Mom was one of those people for me.  We all dream and create all kinds of things, and she would always encourage me to believe in myself and do what I’d dream of.  Over the last couple of years, Mom encouraged me to work on my drawing and painting skills, and to create more of my work, and not just something for the paint parties I was doing.

When she saw the repeating patterns I started to create, she loved them.  The second pattern I ever made was for her, and I called it “Mom’s Wool.”  I showed it to her in a bunch of different colours, and she loved it.  We talked about what I could do with the patterns, and I told her just about anything.  The patterns could be licensed to a fabric company, and they could end up being printed on fabric, or other things like mugs, rugs, shower curtains, tea towels, dishes, aprons, oven mitts, book covers; the list was endless.  Mom thought that was pretty amazing.

Mom wasn’t getting out much because of the pandemic, and she knew there were so many others that weren’t either.  One day, I asked her if she remembered the trunk I had that I had filled with things when I first got married.  I had all kinds of things in it that I might need just in case I needed a small gift or a special card on short notice.  It was much easier than trying to get to the store and pick something up.  The closest bigger town was half an hour away from where we lived, and it just wasn’t convenient.

That’s kind of how things felt again with all of us not being able to get out much.  We aren’t seeing people or even staying connected with them. We’re all feeling lonely, like there is not much to look forward to, and maybe we even feel a little unappreciated.

So, I thought of creating something that people could look forward to.  I chose a different pattern with a different theme for the items included in a monthly subscription box.  The items are things that people could keep for themselves or share with others.  I hoped it would bring a smile to their face and a little joy to their life.  Mom thought it was great, and I told her I would like to do the first box for Christmas.

As we all know, things don’t always work out as planned.  Mom started going downhill quickly in the fall, and we lost her at the end of October 2020.  I have to say we all felt very lost.  I didn’t want to create anything.

I eventually started to think about all the talks we had about what I wanted to do.  Mom really wanted me to try.  Even with her gone, she inspired me to keep moving forward. On January 10th, 2021, I delivered the first monthly box to my new subscribers.  I felt that I had accomplished what we had been planning together.

The best part of it all was seeing the subscribers’ faces when they opened the boxes and saw what was in them.  They said it was like having Christmas every month.  I was so happy I cried.  Even though I miss my great cheerleader, I realize that I have so many others in my life who cheer me on.  They encourage me to continue to grow and keep creating.

I called my box Favorite Things from Mary-Ann’s Makery, inspired by my favorite song, titled “Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music.

Mom was the reason I began this journey, which is why I am so pleased to launch the Mother’s Day Box in her honour.  The box is a one-time purchase and not a part of the regular “Favorite Things” subscription.

Thank you for your continuous support,